16 Roadmap


  • IDE: Delphi/C++ 2009 through Godzilla (Next release after 10.1)
  • Browser: Same policy as IntraWeb 14 based on tip and recent releases.


Enticing Yet Timely

IntraWeb 16 will have some real “bang” in new features, however the development cycle is meant to be short. Release is tentatively planned for summer 2017.

Backwards Compatible

While a few changes may be necessary especially in light of changes that may be necessary because of Linux support being added, IntraWeb 16 will be highly backward compatible. The goal is for users to be able to move from 14 to 16 easily and without any major changes.

Parallel Development

IntraWeb 16 and IntraWeb 17 are being developed in parallel.


Linux Support

Based on the upcoming Linux support in Delphi, IntraWeb will be deployable on Linux servers.

Native Apache Support

On both Windows and Linux. Currently Apache on Windows is only usable via ISAPI bridges. 16 will introduce native Apache support.

IDE Integration

Launch and debugging options to be moved from StandAlone UI into the Delphi IDE menus similar to CrossTalk’s integration. This change also enables better debugging support for ISAPI, ASP.NET and Apache.