15 Roadmap

We had previously planned to release several new sizable features as 14.3. Instead, we will be releasing them as 15.0

15.0 was released in June 2018. Current plans are as follows, but future features are subject to change.

15.0 (Released)

Http.sys Deployment

IntraWeb can now be deployed using only http.sys. This allows multiple applications to share ports, discernible only by different URLs.

Faster Template Processor

The template processor has been rewritten and is up to 3x faster. The template processor is a commonly used feature and will create faster applications and lower CPU usage.

Fastest zlib Library

We now have the fastest zlib in the Delphi world, 3x faster than std XE8 zlib x64.

More to come!

There is more to come including a few more features we haven’t had time to document yet.

15.1 (In Development)

Native Apache Support

Currently Apache on Windows is only usable via ISAPI bridges. 15.1 will introduce native Apache support.

IDE Integration

Launch and debugging options to be moved from StandAlone UI into the Delphi IDE menus similar to CrossTalk’s integration. This change also enables better debugging support for ISAPI, ASP.NET, HTTP.SYS, StandAlone, and Apache.