Creating a Telegram Channel to use with our IntraWeb application

Here is a small guide on how to create a Telegram channel to receive notifications from your IntraWeb applications either directly using IWTelegram classes or via IWServerMonitor

Creating a Telegram Channel

  • Open the Telegram application.
  • Now create a New Channel:
    • Click on the hamburger menu to open the menu.
    • Select “New Channel”.
  • Enter a name for your channel and an optional description. Click on Create button.
  • Choose Channel Type:
    • Select “Public Channel” or “Private Channel” depending on your needs.
    • In general, for an IntraWeb application you likely will create a Private channel. On the other hand, if you need a public channel, choose a unique link (e.g.,
  • Finally, you can add members to the channel now or skip this step.

Creating a Telegram Bot

  • Talk to @BotFather:
    • Open a chat with @BotFather in Telegram.
    • Send the command /start to initiate a conversation with @BotFather.
  • Create a New Bot:
    • Send the command /newbot.
    • Follow the prompts to name your bot and create a unique username for it (must end in “bot”).
  • Get the Bot Token:
    • After successfully creating the bot, @BotFather will give you a bot token. Save this token securely as you will need it later.

Linking the Bot to the Channel

  • Add Bot as an Administrator:
    • Open your channel and go to the channel settings.
    • Select “Administrators” and add your bot by searching its username.
    • Grant appropriate permissions to the bot (e.g., posting messages).


Now you can use the channel name and BOT token to send messages to the channel from your IntraWeb application either directly using TIWTelegram (or TIWTelegramHelper, both in unit IWTelegram.pas), or configure your IWServerMonitor application to send statistics and exceptions directly to your channel.