The best option is to renew your license and gain access to current builds which you can for as little as 149 Euros. Otherwise if you need to download an older build and are not sure which version, please read below.

RunTime License is Forever

IntraWeb run time licenses never expire. However subscription dates affect which builds you have access to. Builds which are released before your subscription are available to you, later ones are not. When we upgraded our website many of the blog dates were not imported making it difficult for users who need older versions to determine which builds are available to them. Because of this we are posting a directory listing from the server.

Date Mismatches

Please note that these are file dates on disk and may differ slightly from the build date which is what is used against your license. If the file date is near your expiration date, you may need to try a few builds. For builds from prior to 14.1.4, please consult the date on the download page of individual versions. For 14.1.3 and prior the following list is a list of versions available in our downloads directory along with upload dates. Please note that there may be a small variance between build date, and upload date. To access any of these releases, simply append the file name to this url:
  • http://downloads.atozed.com/intraweb/
The link does not support directory browsing, so you will need to fill in the filename manually.

Directory Listing

Listing is for 2015 onward.
01/16/2015 04:47 PM 39,050,340 iw14.0.37.exe
03/31/2015 10:21 PM 39,649,713 iw14.0.38.exe
04/01/2015 05:50 PM 39,663,377 iw14.0.39.exe
05/21/2015 10:57 PM 51,092,526 iw14.0.40b.exe
05/21/2015 10:57 PM 51,092,526 iw14.0.40.exe
06/10/2015 11:47 AM 75,173,820 iw14.0.41.exe
06/15/2015 08:12 AM 75,216,446 iw14.0.42.exe
06/29/2015 01:47 PM 75,216,287 iw14.0.43.exe
07/15/2015 01:47 PM 75,235,315 iw14.0.44.exe
08/31/2015 10:14 PM 75,655,954 iw14.0.45.exe
10/11/2015 12:31 PM 112,651,309 iw14.0.46.exe
11/19/2015 10:55 AM 112,720,951 iw14.0.47.exe
12/13/2015 10:54 AM 35,515,503 iw12.2.35.exe
12/15/2015 11:46 AM 112,769,911 iw14.0.48.exe
12/21/2015 10:08 AM 112,751,418 iw14.0.49.exe
12/27/2015 01:22 PM 112,778,715 iw14.0.50.exe
01/13/2016 12:17 PM 127,989,340 iw14.0.51.exe
02/01/2016 02:37 AM 14,189,428 iw11.0.64.exe
02/09/2016 10:36 AM 128,505,547 iw14.0.52.exe
03/26/2016 11:58 AM 35,510,660 iw12.2.36.exe
05/18/2016 11:05 AM 143,362,198 iw14.0.53.exe
05/31/2016 12:09 PM 143,415,190 iw14.0.54.exe
06/02/2016 01:56 PM 143,489,270 iw14.0.55.exe
06/09/2016 11:27 AM 143,494,306 iw14.0.56.exe
06/13/2016 11:44 AM 143,486,557 iw14.0.57.exe
06/15/2016 09:30 AM 143,483,702 iw14.0.58.exe
06/27/2016 01:24 PM 143,512,381 iw14.0.59.exe
07/06/2016 08:44 AM 143,507,675 iw14.0.60.exe
07/13/2016 12:48 PM 143,570,001 iw14.0.61.exe
07/25/2016 10:29 AM 143,561,402 iw14.0.62.exe
07/31/2016 03:57 AM 143,564,031 iw14.0.63.exe
08/17/2016 11:58 AM 14,188,497 iw11.0.65.exe
11/21/2016 07:58 PM 152,521,948 iw14.0.64.exe
11/22/2016 10:36 AM 154,125,244 iw14.1.0.exe
11/24/2016 10:43 AM 154,079,493 iw14.1.1.exe
11/30/2016 10:32 AM 154,097,972 iw14.1.2.exe
12/05/2016 10:47 AM 154,099,368 iw14.1.3.exe
12/22/2016 10:09 AM 154,796,308 iw14.1.4.exe
01/26/2017 11:42 AM 155,086,242 iw14.1.5.exe
02/08/2017 10:40 AM 155,122,208 iw14.1.6.exe
03/05/2017 11:47 AM 155,206,695 iw14.1.7.exe
03/21/2017 08:34 AM 155,223,905 iw14.1.8.exe
04/04/2017 10:12 AM 170,759,069 iw14.1.9.exe
04/12/2017 04:15 AM 170,751,586 iw14.1.10.exe
04/18/2017 04:34 AM 170,764,108 iw14.1.11.exe
04/23/2017 05:23 AM 170,758,613 iw14.1.12.exe
04/28/2017 03:48 PM 170,773,587 iw14.1.13.exe
05/11/2017 11:54 AM 170,779,003 iw14.1.14.exe
08/29/2017 09:01 AM 173,630,049 iw14.2.0.exe
09/07/2017 11:20 AM 173,638,321 iw14.2.1.exe
10/09/2017 09:26 AM 173,657,246 iw14.2.2.exe
10/11/2017 09:31 AM 173,659,304 iw14.2.3.exe
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What do I get when I purchase IntraWeb? What is a subscription? Will my software expire?

Many people are confused by the word subscription and jump to conclusions about expiration of software using IntraWeb. This page is intended to clarify such points.

Why not just purchase per version?

Many users are afraid of the word subscription. However our subscription program was designed to provide you with all the benefits of a normal versioned purchase (Where you purchase a specific version and must pay for upgrades), plus more. With a subscription you are guaranteed the current version, plus updates and upgrades to newer major versions. All without the need to pay for each upgrade! This assures that you are always current and have the latest features and bug fixes.

Even if you purchase only one subscription and never renew, you will still get the current release, support, and bug fixes just as you would with a versioned purchase. However because of typical release cycles, you will also receive free upgrades to newer major versions. That is a big advantage over versioned purchases.

For corporations, you can also budget in renewals each year instead of needing to get approval for each upgrade cycle. Renewals are offered at very significant discounts if renewed before subscription expiration.

Currently we offer one to three year subscriptions. You can choose your subscription term on the order page.

Does my software expire?

The software you have built and the IntraWeb versions you have downloaded will not turn to fairy dust if your subscription expires. Your software will never expire and in fact you can continue to download versions into the future if they were released prior to your subscription expiration, so there is no need to download existing versions in a frenzy and archive them. However we do keep limited archives, so you should keep backups of your downloads.

What support do I get?

See support.

What upgrades does the subscription include?

Each IntraWeb build has an embedded build date and each license key has an embedded expiration date. Builds built after your expiration date will not recognize your license key. So unless you upgrade to a build that was released after your subscription term, your software will continue to function as it always has.

Atozed provides only limited archives of older released versions. Please be sure to back up your installations. We do our best and it is our policy to maintain the last release of each major version and make it freely available on our web site.

When my subscription expires, what do I lose?

  1. Access to priority support – After your expiration date you will not be able to access priority support. You will retain access to our other support options.
  2. Access to versions released after expiration date – After your expiration date, releases released after your expiration date will not recognize your license key.

How much does it cost to renew a subscription?

We offer a 10% discount for subscription renewals.

Please note that :

  • these discounts are subject to change at any time;
  • these discounts are applied to normal prices only, ie., special/promotional prices are not affected by these discounts;

Emails containing instructions how to order your discounted renewal are automatically sent out near the end of your term. If you did not receive it, please check your spam filters or contact us.

Will I have access to betas?

Beta access is often restricted to users with current subscriptions. Participating in beta programs allows advanced testing of new features, and direct involvement in shaping of future features.

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The problem is not the key, but old IntraWeb files remaining on your system. We will describe here the general steps to fix this problem:

Please check the How do I install IntraWeb steps

For C++ Builder users

  • In general, the installer will create an .obj file to be linked to your project, but if for some reason you can´t find a IWLicenseKey.Obj file, in addition to the steps above, you can add the unit IWLicenceKey.pas to your project.

Note: the same instructions are valid for those who do not have the evaluation mode problem, but are not seeing bug fixes after installing a update.

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There are several ways for checking the IntraWeb version installed in your IDE.

  1. Context menu of IW controls displays IntraWeb license information, including version number.
  2. Open the ServerController unit of your project, activate the Object Inspector and check the Version property.
  3. If you are running a Stand Alone Server project, check the log window of the Stand Alone GUI. The text of the log window shows your license information as well the IW version your application was compiled with.
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If you are seeing the error messages below when you start the IDE, it mean that parts of IntraWeb bundled are still on your system.

In order to solve this issue, please follow the steps here: Installing IntraWeb.


Category: IntraWeb
  1. Before installing a new IntraWeb version in Rad Studio / Delphi 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle or 10.1 Berlin you must first uninstall the IntraWeb bundled version (the IntraWeb version that comes with Rad Studio / Delphi).Unfortunately, even if you choose not to install IntraWeb during Rad Studio / Delphi installation procedure, the setup program will copy IntraWeb files to the lib folder. To avoid version conflicts you must completely remove all bundled files before installing a new version.

    Steps to completely remove IntraWeb bundled files:

    • Run Rad Studio / Delphi setup program and remove IntraWeb components:

    • Download the IntraWeb Bundled Removal Tool, here.
    • Unzip it and run the program. When started, it will detect all Rad Studio / Delphi IDE’s that you have installed
    • Select the IDE for which you want to remove IntraWeb files. It will show you the IDE installation path
    • Set desired options:
      • When deleting, move files to recycle bin: If checked, the tool will move the files to the recycle bin, instead of deleting them (default checked)
      • Search and list files but DON’T delete them: If checked, will list all IntraWeb files found on Delphi installation path. No files are deleted. Probably is a good idea to check that before actually deleting files. (default not checked)
      • Also delete IntraWeb packages (bpl files): If checked, will delete all IntraWeb compiled packages (bpl) files from the bin folder (default not checked). This will NOT remove IntraWeb*.bpl files from your WindowsSystem32 files. This file will be overwritten when you do a new IntraWeb installation.
    • Then all you have to do is click on the “Remove” (or “List Files”) button, and wait until the end of the process.

    • Close IntraWeb Bundled Removal Tool and install a new IntraWeb version.

    Further notes:

    • Under Windows Vista and up, this tool requires UAC elevation.
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