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15.2.22 Version History

What’s New

  • New IWjQAccordion and IWjQPageControl. IWjQAccordion is based on jQuery UI Accordion widget (, IWjQPageControl is based on jQuery UI Tabs widget ( Two new great additions to IntraWeb control library! 
  • New property RenderLocalFiles in jQuery Grids
  • New unit/class IW.HTTP.IndyClient/TIWHTTPClient which simplifies lots of common communication tasks like sending HTTP requests to other services/applications (GET and POST, both in HTTP and HTTPS). This class is a wrapper around common Indy components, but with a much simpler interface. This class is used by our new IWRecaptcha component to validate the challenge against Google services.

Bug fixes

  • When HTTPS redirection is being used, IntraWeb will fail to accept the Let’s Encrypt challenge
  • Fixed Font and color for IWSelect. Fixed CDN reference for language file when empty
  • Fixed compilation for C++ Builder when using new IWRecaptcha control (some older IDEs)