IntraWeb Release 15

IntraWeb 15.0.18

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19-Feb-2018 IntraWeb 15.0.18 has been released. It contains important fixes for the IW 15 branch. Download it here Find out what’s new, fixed or enhanced here Note: IntraWeb 15 requires a license key version 11 (starts with +0011). IW 14 license keys won’t work with IntraWeb 15. A new IW 15 license has been automatically generated […]

IntraWeb History 15.0

15.0.18 Version History

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19-Feb-2019 What’s New Delphi 10.3.1 Rio support. Bug fixes TIWDBImage image won’t load if vFileAccess is set to faRequireSession in ServerController OnValidateCacheFileAccess event C++ Builder project templates (TIWStart and TIWStartHSys should call Execute class method directly) IWEdit could render with no position information (top, left style Attributes) when NonEditableAsLabel = True IWTree rendering would fail […]

IntraWeb General

Yes. IntraWeb is still in 10.3 Rio

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Some versions of 10.3 Rio do not have IntraWeb included, most notably the Community Edition. Some web installers require you to manually select it, while some non English web installs do not have it at all. The English ISO (and likely other languages) have IntraWeb included. It’s still Free! Not to worry. A free download […]