CrossTalk licenses are per developer. Developers can use CrossTalk on multiple computers so long as unlicensed developers are not permitted to use CrossTalk for development.

No Run-time Fees

As with all of our developer products, there are no run-time, user fees, or royalties.

No Expiration

Your license and your software built using CrossTalk never expires. The update term refers to the period in which you can receive free upgrades of CrossTalk. Once your subscription expires, your software will continue to work and you can use any CrossTalk release prior to your expiration. To use builds of CrossTalk released after your subscription expires, you will need to renew your subscription.

Newer versions may include bug fixes and features not present in your version. CrossTalk is not licensed by major version number.


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From European Union? VAT will be added unless a VAT ID is provided.

Single Developer

Up to 4 Developers

One purchase covers up to 4 developers.

Company License

Covers all developers in a single company regardless of physical location. Includes both employees and contractors so long as the license is used only for work on behalf of licensed company.