IntraWeb History 15.2

15.2.16 Version History

What’s New

  • Supports RAD Studio 10.4.1 Sydney
  • TIWHttpReply.DefaultNoCacheControl class property allows users to specify the default cache control header field value when cache is disabled. The initial value is ‘no-cache, must-revalidate’. Hint: If a different value is required, set it inside ServerController.OnConfig event.
  • Redirect using HTTP 303 when possible, Post/Redirect/Get enhanced with new mode prgEnabledFormChange. 
    • prgEnabled: All POST requests are redirected to a GET request automatically (except AJAX)
    • prgEnabledFormChange: POST will be redirected to a GET only when a new form becomes visible (the active form)
  • New public method TIWApplication.GetAuthorizationFields() retrieves user name and password when Authorization (basic) is received in a request
  • New property UseHash added to TIWLink. UseHash = True works better with CSP compliant applications
  • New methods in TIWMemo: ScrollToBottom and ScrollToTop

Bug fixes

  • Update to the latest zLib Cloudflare. Fixes a possible corner case bug in zlib internal function which can cause an AV in IW application (only in x64).
  • TContentHandler which starts a session won’t set SessionTimeout correctly
  • TIWPageContext40.AddStyle(const AStyle: string) would include double curly braces at the end of the generated style string
  • AV when removing a frame from TIWForms at design time (does not affect the application at runtime)
  • CSS rule cache (IW JavaScript) would return invalid CSS rule which could possibly cause AJAX update of control style to fail


  • Page initialization runs in a try-catch-finally block. Any error in JavaScript when form is initialized won’t break the page loading. 
  • Many performance improvements

This version is *not* binary compatible with previous versions 15.1.x. 3rd party libraries (TMS, CG Dev Tools) should work correctly if built again from sources.

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