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Announcing IntraWeb X

Announcing IntraWeb X

Recently we announced our plans for IntraWeb XIV and that shortly there will be alpha builds available. Today we announce the upcoming release of IntraWeb X as well.

What is IntraWeb X?

IntraWeb X is a revival and upgrade of IntraWeb 10.

Why go back to a code base that is several years old? We still have a huge user base that is “stuck” in IntraWeb 10 for a variety of reasons, including large code bases, migration issues, older IDE support, pre Unicode support, and in some cases the need to support IE6 in embedded systems.

What will be new with IntraWeb X vs the existing releases of 10?

Support for newer IDEs up through XE2. IntraWeb X will support from Delphi 6 to Delphi XE2 (and C++). By supporting new IDE’s, migration to newer IntraWeb versions will become easier by allowing users to migrate to Unicode and newer IDE’s independently of moving IntraWeb versions.

Although newer IDE’s will be supported, only the 32 bit compiler will be supported. Adjusting the code to 64 bit was a large undertaking and no substantial changes will be undertaken for IntraWeb X.

Bug fixes which do not require major changes to code will also be applied to IntraWeb X. However to ensure a high degree of stability, no major code changes will be applied to IntraWeb X, including bug fixes.
Only bug fixes which are low risk will be applied. IntraWeb X is already very stable and has been for many years.

Some features may be added as well, however this again will be judged against the code risk assessment and features not listed here are not part of the goals for IntraWeb X.
Some limited support for newer browsers may be integrated. Chrome, and Firefox generally are highly compatible in newer versions, but IE is not. IE 9 like its predecessors is incompatible with many sites. Chrome was not in existence when IntraWeb 10 was being developed, and basic support and detection of Chrome will likely be added. Chrome works with IntraWeb 10 now, but requires some minor user code.

When will IntraWeb X be available?

IntraWeb X is scheduled to be available in June 2012.