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Docs Again

Docs Again

We’ve tried many approaches, and for a variety of reasons they fail or go by the way side. We do have a long term plan which involved IntraWeb 14

But until then we are going to regroup and embark on a “content rush”. This means a raw dump of content, mostly unorganized and unformatted so we do not get stuck in the details. This will mean that it will be a mess, but there will be content.
We could hold off and wait until they are organized, cleaned, and formatted. But this further delays access to useful material. So instead we are going to give you access to the docs and you can see them progress. There is not much there yet, but stuff is getting added each day.
We have dedicated a part time person to working on docs, but you can participate too. Just ask us for SVN access. All you need is an HTML editor.
The docs are for the upcoming IntraWeb XIV, however the docs are nearly the same except for the new features.

You can use SVN or your web browser to access the docs:

Username: public
Password: public

Note that SVN is CASE SENSITIVE in the URL and credentials.