Magazine Reviews

Der Entwickler (The Developer)

“The deciding difference between IntraWeb and the other existing web technologies is the fact, that programming IntraWeb is like programming a normal application.” … “Conclusion: The IntraWeb components are a real enrichment for Delphi’s component palette.”

ClubeDelphi Magazine

“IntraWeb is a great framework for the development of RAD web applications. It impresses for its simplicity and similarity with traditional visual programming with Delphi”
-Guinther Pauli

PC Plus Magazine

PC Plus gives IntraWeb a 9 out of 10 overall score.
“Makes development of web applications as easy as falling off a log…”

Delphi Informant

“I haven’t been this excited about a product since Delphi debuted and freed developers from the bondage of the Windows API by delivering true RAD development without the limits of Visual Basic. Why Borland has not implemented WebSnap this way is a mystery to me.”

The Delphi Magazine

In the March 2002 issue IntraWeb is reviewed by Dave Jewell. Dave says: “In a nutshell, IntraWeb does things the Delphi way. ….. So am I impressed? Yes, very much so. ….. As I’ve examined WebSnap and compared it with IntraWeb, it’s clear to me that IntraWeb is the sort of technology that I would have expected to see from Borland but didn’t.”

UK Bug Magazine

“IntraWeb makes rapid application development for web applications a reality. ….. IntraWeb proves to be a solid web application development suite.”

SDGN Magazine

“IntraWeb is a very nice tool to build web applications in a fast and simple way and in a language Delphi developers feel at home with. With this tool you will be very comfortable and it feels good, right from the start.”

Jensen Data

“But for now, I want to take a quick break and talk a little about IntraWeb. Why? Because it is fantastic. It is a rare thing when you come across a framework so flexible, so powerful, and so consistent with the “culture of excellence” that is the hallmark of Borland’s own software. But IntraWeb is the real thing. If you have not tried it yet, don’t wait. It is definitely worth a serious look.”
-Cary Jensen