SSL Libraries

Export Restrictions

We cannot distribute the SSL files directly due the complexity of possible export restrictions, however you are free to download and use them. The restrictions only apply to export, not import. In recent years the restrictions have been lifted significantly, however it is still a possible legal liability and thus we choose not to take the risk by hosting them on our server.

Stand Alone Servers Only

The SSL libraries are only needed by stand alone servers. Applications deployed as ISAPI use SSL from the web server host. SSL is not available in IntraWeb evaluation editions.

Indy Open SSL

Arvid Winkelsdorf  always creates special builds of latest Open SSL libraries for Delphi (Indy and Intraweb) users. The main advantage is that these Open SSL libraries don’t need the MS VC++ Runtime libraries. You can read more about it here. These versions were successfully tested with IntraWeb 12 and 14.

Certificate Conversion

Indy uses OpenSSL which uses a certificate format that is different than most SSL providers provide as default. To convert them the following methods can be used:

  • SSL Buddy – A free UI utility that can perform the conversions.
  • Manual Conversion – Instructions how to convert using OpenSSL command line tools.


Updated: 11-Apr-2018

These versions of Open SSL libraries are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug. Please check the readme.txt file included in the ZIP for usage instructions. Choose x86 or x64 to match the build type of your application, not your operating system.

Official Open SSL builds

If you prefer to use the official Open SSL, you may find binary files here.