We do permit resale of our products and this page serves to answer questions which are commonly asked of us by resellers.

Do you allow resellers to resell your product?


Do you offer a reseller discount?

In general no. The model of listing an inflated MSRP and discounting to resellers to publish products in a physical catalog is a decades defunct model, yet resellers still continually ask us for discounts of up to 40% on a sale of single licenses.

The fact is that resellers increase our “paperwork”. We are willing to absorb this minor cost, but asking us for a double digit discount on a single product does not fit into today’s e-commerce world where we sell direct and online ourselves.

We only discount for resellers for larger quantities of licenses.

Can a reseller increase the price or add service fees?

A reseller may charge an end user whatever agreed price between their end customer and the reseller that they choose. Additional fees may also be added to a customers charge to cover costs such as local paperwork required by host governments (example: China, Russia, Brazil and others often have such requirements for larger companies), currency exchange fees, etc.

Typically if a customer chooses a reseller to purchase our products which are readily available for purchase on our website, it is because of their local regulatory, internal procurement procedures, or other requirements.

Of the two, we would prefer that resellers add additional service fees if necessary rather than raise the price of the product for reasons of transparency.

Do you accept purchase orders?

No. We do not accept purchase orders because of the accounting and follow up hassles which have been abused in the past. All reseller purchases must be paid for prior to a license being issued to your customer.

Is the software annual or perpetual?

The software itself is perpetual. Support and updates however are part of a subscription plan. Please see Will my software expire?

Is the software delivered physically or online?

All software is downloadable from our website. License keys are delivered electronically.

Can you fill out some compliance form?

In general this is the primary role of resellers to provide local compliance documents for purchase. Our resellers in China and Russia regularly provide such local compliance forms and charge the customer for such a service. We do not operate directly in China or Russia and do not supply such forms ourself. Providing such forms have legal and other requirements which would be very costly for us to meet as a non resident company.

If you require such documents as part of your own countries laws, you should contact a reseller who exists in your country and who can provide such documents.

Can you fill out a W-8 for the US Government?

The US government has one of the most odd compliance forms of all, sometimes requiring sellers in foreign jurisdictions to fill it out before a US company can make a single purchase of software under $1,000.

Fortunately it is rarely needed in a simple software purchase. However some US companies still ask us about W-8 compliance.

1) W-8 compliance is a requirement of the buyers country (USA), not the sellers country. Atozed Software is a European Company and we are not bound by US laws and filing requirements any more than your US company is bound by the laws of Germany or the European Union when you buy products from the EU or Germany.

2) While we speak English, the official language of Cyprus is not English and to our accounting and legal counterparts, English is a second language at best. For general issues this is not a problem, but forms containing several pages of detailed instructions and legal requirements is not a casual conversation. Imagine if we were buying from your company and we sent you a 10 page form with 10 pages of instructions and told you that we needed this before we could purchase. Now imagine the form and instructions are in Greek (The official language of Cyprus). Now imagine that we expect you to do this for free while you have to pay someone to translate and check the legal requirements of the document.

3) The W-8 is 8 pages of forms not including instructions. The US Government’s own estimate for time to fill out and comply with the form is:

Total time: 25 hours and 13 minutes! So by asking us to fill out a W-8, you are asking us to spend over 25 hours in time to meet your country’s requirements for a single product that sells for around $500 is a hefty request. And that time does not even take into the costs or time required for translation as the form and instructions are in English only.

How to purchase as a reseller

If you are ready to purchase as a reseller for your customer, please continue here.