Bundled Removal Tool

Before installing a new IntraWeb version in Rad Studio / Delphi (From Delphi 2009 and up) you must first uninstall IntraWeb bundled edition (the IntraWeb version that comes installed with Rad Studio / Delphi).

Unfortunately, even if you choose not to install IntraWeb during Rad
Studio / Delphi installation procedure, the setup program will copy
IntraWeb files to the \lib folder. To avoid version conflicts you must completely remove all bundled files before
installing a new version.

Steps to completely remove IntraWeb bundled files:

  • Run Rad Studio / Delphi setup program and remove IntraWeb components:


  • Download the IntraWeb Bundled Removal Tool, here.
  • Unzip
    it and run the program. When started, it will detect all Rad Studio /
    Delphi IDE’s that you have installed
  • Select the IDE for which you want to remove IntraWeb files. It will show you the IDE installation path
  • Set desired options:
    • When deleting, move files to recycle bin: If checked, the tool will move the files to the recycle bin, instead of deleting them (default checked)
    • Search and list files but DON’T delete them: If checked, will list all IntraWeb files found on Delphi installation path. No files are deleted. Probably is a good idea to check that before actually deleting files. (default not checked)
    • Also delete IntraWeb packages (bpl files): If checked, will delete all IntraWeb compiled packages (bpl) files from the \bin folder (default not checked). This will NOT remove
      IntraWeb*.bpl files from your Windows\System32 files. This file will be
      overwritten when you do a new IntraWeb installation.
  • Then all you have to do is click on the “Remove” (or “List Files”) button, and wait until the end of the process.
  • Close IntraWeb Bundled Removal Tool and install a new IntraWeb version.

Further notes:

  • Under Windows Vista and up, this tool requires UAC elevation.