15.2.55 Version History

What’s New

  • New feature allows IW applications to automatically block sessions created from within other pages (IW application running inside IFrame). This is controlled by ServerController.SessionOptions.AllowInIFrame property (default is True, so the existing behavior is preserved). When False, the session won’t start and the user will get a 404 status message, if the application is running inside an IFrame.
  • New property of TIWApplication.InsideIFrame. Returns True when the session has been started from an IFrame.
  • New version of IWBackIntercept.js which handles the back button blocking feature. The new version works better in all modern browsers (won’t work in IE 9 and prior). Webkit-based browsers  (especially Chrome) will work correctly as long as there is some user interaction with the current page (i.e. a mouse click, a key press, etc.) before hitting the back button. 
  • New TIWIPGeolocationHelper class exposes a simple interface to use with TIWIPGeolocationClient class. Now you can implement IPGeolocation for your sessions with 2 lines of code!


  • Use DisplayName property when installing the IW application as a service also for Http.sys services
  • IntraWeb will block the creation of new sessions when there is no user agent string. All known browsers correctly send the UA string and most of the time the lack of it is due to bot activity or malicious attacks
  • When registering a StartHandler the path can’t contain wildcard
  • Several small fixes and optimizations in ContentHandlers area

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue when receiving invalid response from Geoplugin