IntraWeb History 15.2

15.2.23 Version History

What’s New

  • New jQGrid.Column Resizable property
  • New property SplitterBorder for TIWRegion (sets splitter border when Splitter = True)

Bug fixes

  • Some 3rd party components could fail to render properly on Async events even if RenderAsyncEnabled was set to False (e.g IWBootstrap 3/4 modal dialogs, and possibly others created at runtime)
  • Fix for RenderAsync when input control is parented to an IWRegion
  • TIWApplication.SwitchToNonSecure and SwitchToSecure methods could fail
  • Do not render invisible tabs (TIWjQPageControl) or sections (TIWjQAccordion)
  • TIWImage wouldn’t set correct TransparentColor when converting to Png or Gif formats
  • TabOrder of controls in frames would be rendered with absolute value causing controls in multiple frames to have the same TabIndex attribute
  • Sessions started with a POST request can fail due to start parameters encoding

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