15.2.20 Version History

What’s New

  • New IWRecaptcha component allows users to easily add recaptcha validation to their webpages
  • New OnLoadLookupList event added to TIWDBLookupComboBox and TIWDBLookupListBox
  • IWRegion (and IWCustomRegion) new property FocusOutline which allows user to control if an IWRegion with TabOrder > 1 should display the focus outline border when it receives focus (behavior varies among browsers)
  • HSTS header field (New SecurityOptions.EnableHSTS option)
  • New SessionOptions.BrowserCheckBeforeNewSession, default True. This changes the way OnBrowserCheck event is triggered. When BrowserCheckBeforeNewSession = False, OnBrowserCheck behaves just like previous versions. However, when the property is set to True, the event is triggered before the creation of a session object. In that case, the parameter ASession of OnBrowserCheck event will be nil. 


Bug fixes

  • New mechanism now is used to download additional files during IntraWeb setup. Intermittent download failures should not happen anymore.
  • RestartExpiredSessions should work correctly now with new LF Hash Table
  • TIWDBLookupComboBox and TIWDBLookupListBox will fail to auto set detail cursor when used in IWRegions
  • Retrieve field X-Forwarded-For correctly when creating the request object
  • Several issues fixed in IWWebEditor class, including an AV when starting
  • ProxyPortRedirection fixed for Http.sys
  • Detect Edge based on Chromium correctly (not as Chrome)
  • IWEdit would format text to lowercase when initialized with text when rendering, if DataTypeOptions.StringCase = scUppercase


  • If SessionOptions.BrowserCheckBeforeNewSession is True, when the event ServerController.OnBrowserCheck is triggered – just before starting a new session – the IWApplication parameter of the event will always be NIL and shouldn’t be referenced by user code without checking (in general is not necessary to reference the IWApplication instance during that event)

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