15.2.5 Version History

What’s new

  • New tool “IntraWeb Certificate Manager” is now being installed with IntraWeb (into subfolder Tools). This tool allows IntraWeb users to request Let’s Encrypt certificates with a few clicks, create self-signed certificates, install certificates on Windows and much more! New post about it coming soon.
  • New property RenderHiddenTable property added to IWGrid. When set to True, the inner table element is rendered with visibility attribute set to hidden. This is useful when using DataTables with IWGrid

Bug fixes

  • Do not convert spaces when rendering combobox/listbox in new AsyncRender feature.
  • IWGrid rendering won’t refresh in async
  • Do not set tab order of controls with no parent. This fixes some issues which an AV is raised when controls are created/destroyed at runtime with no parent


  • TIWContainer/TIWForm’s AsyncRenderComponent method made protected. This method is intended to be used by IW controls when rendering, not directly by user code in async events.

This version is *not* binary compatible with previous versions 15.1.x. 3rd party libraries (TMS, CG Dev Tools) should work correctly if built again from sources.

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