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15.2.1 Version History

What’s new

  • New methods AddBodyScript() and AddBodyScriptFile() added to TIWForm and TIWPageContext40 classes. They add script code or JavaScript files to the body section of the page (in contrast with adding it to the header).

Bug fixes

  • Fixes AsyncRendering of IWFrames and some special cases of nested IWRegions
  • Fixes an AV exception when destroying Frames at runtime
  • Fixes an error while destroying IWTabControl
  • Fixes security vulnerability fix: Do not serve internal files given wrong file extension
  • Remove CSS style sheets from page if control is destroyed at runtime
  • Other minor/internal fixes

This version is *not* binary compatible with previous versions 15.1.x. 3rd party libraries (TMS, CG Dev Tools) should work correctly if built again from sources.

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