15.2.0 Version History

What’s new

  • Supports new RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney (both Delphi and C++)!
  • One of the most requested features by IntraWeb users is here: Full AJAX (Async) render capability!

IntraWeb now allows users to create/destroy IW controls at runtime during async events and they will be rendered, updating the web page/DOM tree transparently. No “tricks”, no need to call any “magic method” in your code. Just create a control and it will be rendered on the browser. Destroy it, and it will be gone!
Existing controls can also be fully refreshed in DOM. It just works! New demo coming soon!

There is a new property in both ServerController and IWForm named RenderAsyncEnabled (public). When TRUE, IntraWeb will take care of async rendering using this new feature. When FALSE, IntraWeb will not render new controls and it will behave just like IW 15.1 branch. When disabling the RenderAsync feature in ServerController, the feature will be disabled globally. On the other hand, you can leave it enabled in ServerController options and turn it off selectively in each IWForm. Users can also turn it off temporarily during any Async event and it will disable the async rendering only for that specific request. Turn it off if you are creating IWBootstrap modal windows during async calls.

  • New security feature, IP access table, allows end users to limit the number of active sessions per IP address (ServerController.SecurityOptions.MaxActiveSessionsPerIp, default zero, meaning no limit)
  • New tab order editor: visually change the tab order of IW controls. New tab order logic allows more should allow precise setting of tab order of controls in browser. Access via right-click over any IWForm or control
  • New IWEdit/IWDBEdit feature StringCase allows to control case of input text (upper/lower case)
  • New method TIWApplication.ShowForm simplifies common task of managing creation/destruction of forms.

Method signature: ShowForm(AFormClass: TComponentClass; AReleaseActiveForm: Boolean = False; AUseExistingInstance: Boolean = False): TComponent

  • New BackButtonOptions.ReloadPage option will force a page reload (retrieving it again from server) whenever back button hit is detected
  • New TIWVideo control which plays standard web video formats (MP4, OGG, WebM). Use this in place of the old TIWMpeg/TIWSilverlightVideo player
  • New global variable “IgnoreSSE42Check” in IWZLibExAPI unit (default False) which will enable SSE42-based zlib compression even if SSE42 detection fails (some VMs report wrong settings even if processor supports it)
  • Performance was improved in some key areas like rendering and parameter processing


  • ServerController.CookieOptions.SameSite default is now ssoLAX (default value for all modern browsers). The old default ssoNone will soon be rejected by new browsers. If you need the old behaviour back, please set it back to ssoNone (not recommended)
  • Property ItemsHaveValues removed from DB lookup combos. It actually doesn’t make sense in data aware lookup combos because field mapping is done via properties.
  • TIWMPEG, TIWSilverlight and TIWSilverlightVideo were made deprecated. Please use TIWVideo instead
  • Better detection of password encrypted Office files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX), Zip, 7zip, Gzip and RAR files in TIWFileUploader

This version is *not* binary compatible with previous versions 15.1.x. 3rd party libraries (TMS, CG Dev Tools) should work correctly if built again from sources.

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