IntraWeb History 15.1

15.1.16 Version History

Bug fixes

  • Fix a critical issue in IWBootstrap components (both versions 3 and 4) which may cause random AV exceptions. If your application contains any IWBSButton or IWBSDropDown (IWBootstrap3) or IWBS4Button,  IWBS4DropDown or IWBS4CheckBox (IWBootstrap4) it is strongly recommended that you update to the latest version.
  • Fix rare exception when rendering IWFont
  • TerminateAndRedirect() could fail when using ISAPI and URLRewrite


  • Release of IWForms will make sure that a released form is removed from active form list even if the destruction of the form raises an exception
  • ESessionAlreadyLocked exception will log URLPath of 2nd conflicting request 
  • Some minor performance improvements

This version is binary compatible with previous versions from 15.1.12 (no need to update 3rd party libraries)

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