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15.1.13 Version History

Bug fixes

  • IWLink OnClick event could fail depending on external styles applied to it
  • URL Parameters containing encoded chars “&” and “?” could be incorrectly decoded if ShowStartParams is set
  • Fix Paint handler of TIWComboBox classes (design time only)
  • Changing an IWBootstrap RadioButton control inside a IWBootstrap modal window wouldn’t trigger async event
  • Fix for JS error when closing IWBootstrap Modal window
  • IWBootstrap RadioButtons would fail to report correct state after being set via code
  • Note: IWBootstrap fixes require update of JS runtime files (development and production). Check the option “Install IWBootstrap Demos and Resources” when installing if you are also installing IWBootstrap library.


  • Do not format numeric input fields when displaying max or min validation tooltip
  • Modified relative redirection which enhances compatibility with some reverse proxy servers
  • Search input type included in built-in styles

This version is binary compatible with previous version 15.1.12 (no need to update 3rd party libraries)

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