IntraWebIntraWeb History 15.1

15.1.11 Version History


  • New HTML5 input types: color, Date, Time, Email, Month, Number, Password, Range, Tel, Url (all implemented in standard TIWEdit, TIWDBEdit). You can just set a few properties of all your existing TIWEdit controls and have it working in minutes. It is time to replace your old 3rd party input boxes with a new modern implementation!
  • New properties DataType and DataTypeOptions in TIWEdit and TIWDBEdit
  • New TIWButton.Image property. Buttons now can have images (custom or even from Web fonts like Font Awesome!)
  • New numeric input built-in in TIWEdit, TIWDBEdit with Currency, Float and Integer sub-types
  • RegionalSettings added to IWApplication/ServerController. Allow customization of currency string, decimal separator, messages used by new input types (mainly numeric ones).
  • New property SessionOptions.RequiresExplicitStart. When true, session can only be started using “/$/start” in URL, otherwise a 404 status is returned
  • New property SecurityOptions.AllowedStartParams (TStrings): Developer can use this property to restrict parameters allowed to start a new session. If the list is not empty, trying to start a session using some parameter not explicitly allowed will not start a session and return 404 status instead
  • New property SessionOptions.HttpStatysForDeniedSessions (Integer, default 404). Allows easy configuration of http status code that should be returned when IW rejects a request for new session (because one of the various security settings)
  • DBLookupComboBox and DBLookupListBox new feature AutoSetListSourceCursor.
    Allows automatic refresh/sync of DBLookupComboBoxes/ListBoxes when lookup DataSets are part of Master/Detail relationship (some specific rules apply)
  • New Css property for IWForms. Theme property for IWServerController. New built in UI themes (styles).
    Themes are global styles applied to most common elements like edit boxes, combo boxes, buttons and allow the user to modernize the UI with very little effort.


  • Increased LockSessionTimeout default value to 180000 ms (3 minutes)
  • IWCheckBox will render a label instead of span element (internal element which contains the check box text)
  • Hash code is added to JS and CSS internal files. Hash is calculated once during application start up using a very fast hash algorithm. This replaces the timestamp of session added to internal JS file names and guarantees that a modified JS or CSS file will be correctly retrieved, skipping the browser cache.

Bug fixes

  • Some regions rendered by CG components could be wrongly resized after Async events
  • Fixes AV when CheckMimeType is used in OnAsyncUploadCompleted event
  • Authentication wouldn’t occur before rendering a form if application main form doesn’t check for authentication
  • Http.sys could generate wrong response in response to an ajaxCall() request
  • Class of IWBS forms could be overwritten by IW ‘iw_default_submit_form’
  • When changing pages some Ajax calls could fail and display a message to the user (e.g. IWTimer)
  • Fix possible failure when setting URLBase
  • Cell controls changed during async calls can be moved to top/left of IWGrid
  • Font would not change when FontFamily/FontVariant properties changed
  • SessionOptions.LockSessionTimeout when set to zero will use 5 minutes by default
  • Other small fixes in IW JavaScript code