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First 17 Beta Release Nearing

17 beta we is under final testing. We uncovered 2 issues we are working to solve now. One is in the designer which is extremely cumbersome to debug but we have finally located it and are working to fix it and the other issue.

Then we will resume testing but the remaining parts were tested recently so if anything is found, it should be minor.

Finally after that, we will release our first closed beta and widen the invitations in the future after we get at least the base WYSIWYG designer operational. Right now there is designer support integrated into the IDE, code editor, and object inspector but one must use a treeview or raw IWML currently until the WYSIWYG designer is ready.

We had hoped to reach beta release in August, but encountered some hefty delays both internally and externally but we are past both of those hurdles and have been proceeding again full speed ahead again for the last 3 weeks.