IntraWeb History 14.2

14.2.7 Version History

Bug Fixes

  • Allow grids to use % CSS unit for width and height of the cell
  • Under very rare circumstances an AV could happen when creating and destroying containers (IWRegions and descendants) at runtime (Thanks to TeamZed member Pete d’Oronzio for isolating this rare case and proposing a fix).


  • New: Protection against arbitrary methods on server (Only GET and POST are accepted by default)
  • This version sets TIWServerControllerBase.DisableFixupPatch to TRUE by default, meaning that the modifications for Delphi’s fix up mechanism are disabled by default. We have found a few side effects in some applications and we decided to disable this patch until these cases are fully resolved.

This version is binary compatible with version 14.2.x. Third party dependent libraries (e.g. TMS, CG Tools, IWBootstrap), don’t need to be recompiled.