IntraWeb History 14.1


Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Fix for Stack Overflow caused by recursive calls of IWContainer.ForceAlign
  • Bug fix: TIWGradButton font could be rendered twice. It does not cause any issues, but increase HTML size.
  • Bug fix: Start handlers behaviour has been restored (same of 14.0.63)


  • IWTabControl much improved and mostly redesigned. Changes should not break existing applications
  • Modified: IWComboBox won’t reset ItemIndex to -1 when clearing/filling item list.
  • Modified: TIWContainer.RenderComponents() now renders invisible TFrames when RenderInvisibleControls is True
  • Modified (rendering):
    • IWFont does not render text-decoration attribute unless necessary (text-decoration is not inherited in CSS so “none” – the default value – does not need to be rendered)
    • TIWImage renders border style inside its internal style sheet, not inlined
    • border-style and border-color attributes are only rendered when necessary (i.e. border-width > 0)
    • TIWContainer won’t render “padding” attibute when StyleRenderOptions.RenderPadding is False
    • TIWBorderOptions now uses CSS shorthand when rendering border style