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.NET DataSets

.NET DataSets

CrossTalk can allow you to access .NET DataSets.

Here is a DataSet with a DataTable declared in Visual Studio.

Now with CrossTalk we can easily access this DataSet.

Note that the Row[i] needs to be typecasted. This is true in .NET as well because Row[i] returns a DataRow, not a CountryRow. I decided that this was also a good example to show that you can cast objects as needed to descendant types just as you can in .NET.

You can also access the properly typed version by using the Items (also set as the default indexer) property instead and eliminate the need for typecasting.

VCL Connector

In the future (Version 2.0 or later) we plan to also create VCL dataset connector that will allow you to bind Delphi databound controls to .NET DataSets.