IntraWeb History 14.1


New Property

  • RawText in TIWRadioButton and TIWRadioGroup classes
  • PageRenderOptions in TIWForm.
  • RenderMargins: When True IWForm will render style with “Margin: 0”. Disable it when using templates which set body margin to a different value

New Unit

  • IW.Server.Logger which contains TIWRequestLogger class. This class, when active, is able to log all ISAPI application requests (headers, fields, cookies, content, etc.)

Bug Fix

  • Changing IWComboBox items during async event using the new OPTGROUP option could fail
  • IWGradButton renders font style even when StyleRenderOptions.RenderFont is false
  • IWDBGrids header cells won’t use template styles
  • AlignWithMargins would generate incorrect sizes of elements when using contiguous controls