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IntraWeb XII released

IntraWeb XII released

Atozed announces officialy the release of IntraWeb XII.

IntraWeb XII is a upgrade from IntraWeb XI with additions of some new items, along with the capability of compiling 64bits versions of your ISAPI DLLs and Stand Alone Servers and it is the version which is Bundled in RAD Studio XE2.

You can learn about the new items in IW XII here and download it from here.

Please note the current installer does not includes a XE2 version yet. We are working to include it in the next release, which may take a few weeks to be ready.

For now, you can use your IW XI keys to install IW XII in RAD Studio XE, CDS 2010, CDS 2009, CDS 2007, BDS 2006 and D7.

Please note we will still deliver some updates to IW XI.