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XI: Integrated Page Mode (IPM)

XI: Integrated Page Mode (IPM)

Integrated Page Mode is a major new feature in Intraweb XI. It is fully functional, however like most features will continue to be expanded upon in future versions.

What is Integrated Page Mode (IPM)?

IPM allows you to:

  • Map URLs directly to IWForms.
  • Handle URLs in code. This is useful for integrating REST and other callbacks.
  • Serve html and other static content directly from your Intraweb application.
  • Integrate better with templates (This feature may not appear until XII).
  • Mix and match what was formerly known as page mode, with app mode seamlessly.
  • Provide users with bookmarkable URLs into your application.

How does IPM work?

IPM is still a work in progress. But as a simple example, a form can be registered with a syntax similar to this:

    RegisterURL(‘/Login/index.html’, formLogin);

A single form can have multiple URLs registered for it. URLs can also be resolved by developer code or custom resolver classes. The use of an .html suffix is not mandatory, and .aspx, .cgi, .iwp or other can be used.