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Real life IntraWeb success story

Real life IntraWeb success story

From a newsgroup post (reposted with permission) “I want to thanks you for your work on Intraweb. After one year of development we finished and published our projects which are made with Intraweb. The Intraweb works for us as expected and we are planning to useit in future for new projects.”

How we use intraweb?
We use Intraweb + kbmMW as middleware + NexusDB as database. To create content of the web we use our own windows application (client connected to kbmMW application server) with WPTools to generate HTML output.

1) Our new company’s web site is made with intraweb. The same intraweb server handles all language variations of the web.

2) The product EduBase 2 uses interaweb to provide web interface to its data. More information about EduBase 2 is available at adress where you can also try the web interface of EduBase 2 – made with intraweb.

We are heavily using the templates engine and it works as expected. We can easily change the visual style of the web by only changing the css file used by the template. The same web application made with Intraweb can looks completely different. Look at the screenshots of EduBase WEB ( – only in czech language, but the images are self explanatory :-).

Maybe it can help someone to choose the right tool to develop web applications.

Petr Slipek.