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Suspension of the Indy Experts program

Suspension of the Indy Experts program

I know this is the IntraWeb blog, but at the current time it is also the best place for me to post a little more detail about the suspension of the Indy Experts program.

Recently we suspended enrollment of new customers into the Indy Experts program.

Why did you suspend it?

Most Indy Experts customers were very polite and understood how technical support works. However recently a select few customers have abused our staff and created such problems that those assigned to Indy Experts did not want to continue. A few select customers expected that full fledged demos that they felt were “easy to do” should not take an hour and thus they did not want to pay for an hour. Instead they demanded that they should be charged only 5-10 minutes, even though we provided estimates before hand. Few demos can be put together in 5-10 minutes, and certainly not the types for which we were receiving requests.

In one case, one customer somehow tracked down the mobile and home numbers of one of the Indy Experts staff. The customer knew the location of the Indy Experts staff person and even at 3 am would call for any problem declaring that every situation was critical. Indy Experts never included phone support using personal telephone numbers. The same customer then compmlained when time was deducted to their account for calls.

Is Indy in danger?

No. Indy is open source and not dependent on Atozed to survive, althougth Atozed is a sponsor and provides some resources. Indy is alive and well.

What about existing customers?

We are currently evaluating how to best compensate and/or continue the Indy Experts program for existing customers.

Will Indy Experts be reopened?

Possibly in the future we may reopen Indy Experts.