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IntraWeb Chat Room Online

IntraWeb Chat Room Online

IntraWeb now has an online chat room for customers to discuss IntraWeb and share tech support.

Atozed staff and TeamZed are present, however the chat room is still peer support. Registered customers are welcome and encouraged to use the chat room as well, however priority support is still through the private priority newsgroups.

Skype Based

Although it is Skype based, it is for text chat and not voice. You do not need a microphone or headset. We chose Skype because it connects better than other instant messengers through firewalls, does better auto reconnection for bad connections, etc. Atozed and TeamZed also already use Skype heavily so it was the best way to ensure high participation.

You will need a recent version of Skype 3.6 or higher. Download Skype

Join IntraWeb Chat

Once you have Skype installed, join IntraWeb Chat. You can just close the window to remain part of the chat, and you do not need to leave the chat when setting Skype status offline or shutting down your computer. By not leaving the room explicitly, you will be automatically kept up to date with the chat when you come back online.