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Resolving IntraWeb installation issues with duplicate files

Resolving IntraWeb installation issues with duplicate files

Unfortunately sometimes users end up with part of older versions of IntraWeb on their system which can cause a variety of problems.


  • UnitX was compiled with a different version of UnitY.
    • Delphi 6 users: If you see “InGlobal was compiled with a different version of System.rtl” please see the download notes.
  • A package cannot be loaded

Common Causes

  • Upgrading IntraWeb from a previously bundled version without uninstalling the bundled version first.
  • Upgrading without uninstalling previous version
  • Some IDE’s (notably Delphi 7) do not uninstall all files associated with IntraWeb

Is there a cleanup utility?

We support nearly a dozen IDE versions and personalities. Combined with more than 100 IntraWeb releases the variations are quite large.

However, if you are using bundled editions of IntraWeb with Rad Studio / Delphi 2009, 2010, XE, XE2 and XE3 you may remove old installation following these easy steps.

Manual Cleanup

First, uninstall whatever version of IntraWeb you have installed. Next search your complete system for these files:

  • *IntraWeb*.* – Delete bpl, dcu, dpk, bpk, etc
  • IWXxxxx.* – Only files where the first 3 letters are upper case and the fourth is lower case are IntraWeb files. Example, IWForm.*
  • InXxxxx.*, but not INX*.* – You will need to manually select and delete only those files which start with InX where X is a capital letter. Be careful not to delete items like IniFiles.*, which the third letter is lower case and an important Delphi file.
  • SWSystem.*, SWService.*, SWStrings.* – Delete any files that match these patterns.

Now reinstall the desired IntraWeb version.

Still having problems?

If you are receiving the above message, in every case there are still some left over files. Please search your entire system as the files can exist in many places, including project directories in some cases.

Content updated on Nov-09-2012