Customer Quotes

If you have something you would like to say about IntraWeb, please tell us.

We use PHP extensively for most of web site pages, but when we started developing applications we were looking for something more designed to the task. IntraWeb not only allowed us to reuse our existing code, but it provided us with a very elegant and natural way to develop web applications. After developing our first application, even our PHP guys said WOW!

Gerrit Schumann
CEO, Element 5 / ShareIt!


I got IW as part of D7E and I know how good IW is for web apps and I’m very grateful that you wrote it. It made an absolute hero out of me at work. If I had a pound for every time someone has asked “how did you do THAT?”… etc. Then I show them the code (or lack of) and the look on their face is just PRICELESS.

Walter Anderson


I’m especially impressed by the new additions in IntraWeb 5.1 with the HTML 3.2 support. Not just for PDA’s but now also for Netscape 4.x. And you can even define both (inter)faces (HTML 4 and HTML 3.2) in a single IntraWeb weblication, where the client (browser, device) will determine which “(inter)face” you see. That’s very cool indeed!

Bob Swart (a.k.a Dr Bob)


Intraweb is a Great Product. I spent months learning websnap when I purchased the new Delphi 6 Release a year ago. Well… I just tried out Intraweb and in 4 days had converted my web snap application. All I can say is WOW! This product lets me think like a Delphi programmer not a HTML Web Designer. I’m now a true Intraweb convert. For once….the hype is true. All my future web development will only be in Intraweb. Thanks Guys! The only thing that would make this better is Borland porting Delphi/Kylix to Solaris and your component is made available on that platform….

Paul Bright


Intraweb is a cool product, and beautifully done.

Nick Hodges


When you first look at WebSnap you think “now what” and have to go into the help and figure out what’s going on… with IntraWeb you already know most of what is needed to know because you already know Delphi.

I’ve been looking a lot at the IntraWeb component source, and the design is very elegant. Even though I’ve only been using IW for a few days, I’ve already written some components, and extended functionality of the comps that come with IW… it gives me the control I crave :).

Jimmy Tharpe
Used Disks, Inc


So I sit down, and throw together some buttons, edits and labels. A couple of combos, write the event handlers, and basically pretend I’m writing a normal Windows application.

Holy. Cow.

It worked perfectly – get this – FIRST TIME. I was (and still am) completely floored.

Holy Cow. Needless to say, I’ve just started coming up with all the great things that I can use web interfaces for. I suspect after the weekend that they’ll all be done. Well, started, anyway! 🙂

Thanks for a great tool. I’m more impressed than I expected to be. Well done.

Tim Sullivan
Unlimited Intelligence Limited


After a few days of IntraWeb, and several months of WebSnap, I have to agree with the comment made by others that “IW is what WebSnap should have been.” Both platforms require some amount of guesswork due to the limited docs. However, IW is so much more intuitive and falls into place. I get a sense of the whole IW product and its focused design. After much more guesswork with WebSnap I still had a nagging feeling I was missing something important.

John Howard
John D. Howard Software


You will be able to develop, test, and deploy a web-based app with no more effort than developing, testing, and deploying a lan-based app. I don’t think it can get any easier than this.

I am a very happy customer, and I would highly recommend it to any and all developers who are tired of banging their heads against the wall trying to get web apps up and running.

Russ Vogel
Nebraska Department of Education


Frankly, to say that IntraWeb is an alternative to WebSnap means that both are usable. WebSnap is not a usable platform as far as I am concerned, and is certainly not RAD!! IntraWeb is – you can build applications very quickly – and by quickly I do not mean ‘quick and dirty’, I mean quick, reliable, usable, fast applications. In fact, WebSnap is the perfect example of how to totally confuse and complicate what should be a simple requirement.

IntraWeb is what websnap should have been. It’s as simple at that.

Stewart Bourke
Information Solutions (I) Ltd


We are extremely pleased with IntraWeb. It allowed us to develop our application using one programmer (me). Even better, I was able to change the application each and every day in response to suggestions from our business partner. I work in California and the business parter is located in New York.

The rapid development possible with IntraWeb was great for moving forward, meeting a tight development deadline and saving some money. If we had to go to ASP and outsource the project, we were getting quotes of $15,000 or more.

Just a little cheerleading for IntraWeb.

Rob Brandon
Benetech, Inc.


Intraweb was significant to me, as has been the purchase of other components.

While I think there are many good components for delphi available I can say that only with intraweb have my expectations been exceeded to the point that I am unreservedly and entirely pleased with the purchase.

Mike Cave


Along comes our dream. IntraWeb, a set of 3rd-party Delphi components that allow you to visually design your webpages just as you do now with windows applications. You write pure Delphi code behind the components – almost ZERO LEARNING CURVE!

Paul Stockton
Barwick Systems Limited


I think IntraWeb is a real RAD tool compared to WebSnap, and it is much much easier to use (specially for Delphi Developers), I do not understand why Borland did not go after them but made WebSnap. But I believe it is still a strong alternative and people have to check it, even Borland!! Since Indy now is a part of Delphi and Kylix, why not for IntraWeb. After all we are all Delphi developers, and looking for stabler and better products.

Ali Mutlu


Well, I’d like to thank the folks at AToZed and the A-Team for their great support. Not only did they produce a marvelous tool, but they are really making all they can to support it as well as it is humanly

Thank you all, folks 🙂



I must say one word “Amazing” – This is a technological dream product, and I can not get it off of my mind!

Mark Bevins
Lead Developer
Orion Studios Productions


Like many I overlooked this technology many years ago, for traditional web technologies.  What a mistake! Using IntraWeb in conjunction with TMS components and DBISAM is a winning combination, which is perfect for writing web-based software for vertical markets and general release.

All to often as developers we think in terms of .Net and disregard applications written in Win32 code.  In short we developers chase the big fish with .Net but forget about the small fish, which is where a living is to be made.  Even today most small companies do not have Windows 2000/2003 servers on site, but still require applications that are web based due to their increased flexibility.  Intra Web is the perfect product for this market!

Duncan Garratt
Contract Delphi Developer


We are a VAR for financial/hr/payroll products and have increased our focus on reselling our own custom software. After using Intraweb v5 with D7 Ent, and v7 with D2005 Architect, I can’t think of a better technology to use to take some of our applications to the web for our customers.

Patrick Hartnett
Solution Development Manager
Perryman Software / Perryman & Associates, Inc.


Just a quick thanks, I had to redo our entire website which I had originally written using Delphi’s ECO components. This time around I decided to go your IntraWeb route”(simply because your component model looked so extendable and I needed a working solution yesterday) any case as my work progressed I found myself more and more impressed with the technology your company has developed, and our new site is now live in record time and running like a fine tuned athlete compared to our old ECO website.

PS: what might be of interest are the custom web control I have written to extend our web application functionallity, our original ECO site had to make extensive use of numerious JAVA servlets to achieve the same power I now have in our single Intraweb web application.

Jorian Ross
Hardcore Software
Strictly Tickets