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Case Studies

Element5 / ShareIt!

“We use PHP extensively for most of web site pages, but when we started developing applications we were looking for something more designed to the task. IntraWeb not only allowed us to reuse our existing code, but it provided us with a very elegant and natural way to develop web applications. After developing our first… Read more “Element5 / ShareIt!”

Instituto Tecnológico do Gás

Founded in 1976 by the Portuguese LPG distribution companies, ITG – Instituto Tecnológico do Gás is a non-profit association. Inittially designated as APGPL – Associação Portuguesa de Gases de Petróleo Liquefeitos (Portuguese LPG Association), has for mission the definition of technical and safety rules applicable to gas utilization, support the national authorities in the draft… Read more “Instituto Tecnológico do Gás”

JOBehaviors Inc

JOBehaviors provides job-specific behavioral online solutions that include: laser-focused pre-employment assessments, behavioral interviews and customized pre-interview knockout questions. It offers pre-employment assessments for over 50 job descriptions. Situation JOBehaviors as a small company facing huge competitors needed a technology that would allow converting their paper/fax-based hiring screening tools into online software tools, using a minimum… Read more “JOBehaviors Inc”

HydroQual – Database with Interactive Maps for Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

“IntraWeb made it possible for us to create a website with a Geographic Information System (GIS), interactive pie-charts, and database query tools that displays data for 250,000 lots in New York City. We have planned this sort of site before, but never felt confident that our technology would allow it without a massive investment of… Read more “HydroQual – Database with Interactive Maps for Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce”

C & K Ventures – Data Collection System

Our Data Master system is comprised of two parts.  Part one, Data Master, our stand alone locally installed executable and, part two, is our web application located at   I can without reservation say that without access to the IntraWeb component set this combined data system could not have been created.  Why? Because I am… Read more “C & K Ventures – Data Collection System”

Christian Software Engineering Ltd

“Using IntraWeb, we are in the process of developing new business opportunities. Separately, we have two things — big Windows programs in commercial use, and many web sites provided for clients and designed with mostly static pages. For the Windows programs, the customers express interest in IntraWeb application replacements, and for new and existing web… Read more “Christian Software Engineering Ltd”

Domus Software Development

“IntraWeb made it possible for us to migrate an existing application onto the web, without having to concentrate on web technology. All resources went instead into application features. Only IntraWeb made it possible to present an acceptable development project, timewise and featurewise.” Dominique Willems, Developer, Domus Software Development Domus Software Development Domus Software Development is… Read more “Domus Software Development”


An engineering school is like a small town, with its residents, students, teachers, and all the infrastructure associated with it. Many applications are needed and made accessible on our Intranet. When the combination of Delphi and IntraWeb was evaluated, it was immediately obvious that the goal could be achieved. Faculte Polytechnique de Mons The Faculte Polytechnique de Mons (FPMs) is located in the heart… Read more “FacultePolytechniquedeMONS”

FinWin Srl – Software for the Financial Market

FinWin is a software company, specializing in software for financial companies / banks . Over 300 programs were made to cover the whole processes of the various office/task  using Delphi in a file-server configuration. Now that the market demand is for Web-based applications the goal  was to convert our applications, having  to reenginering all the… Read more “FinWin Srl – Software for the Financial Market”

In Control Limited

“We are a small software company specializing in database design using DBISAM as the database engine and Delphi to provide the user interface.  We have a very limited knowledge of web design but now face the challenge of converting 2 of our main applications to web applications.  We would not have considered doing this on… Read more “In Control Limited”

in4systems Limited

We had, for some time, been hand crafting ISAPI applications to deliver web enabled applications to our customers. Then we came upon IntraWeb, we have not looked back since. We are a small software house writing applications in the property maintenance and management arena.  Our customers are mainly in the Local Government, Police, University and large… Read more “in4systems Limited”

Independence Community College

Faculty / Advisor / Student Web Information System “IntraWeb allowed us to develop and deploy the Faculty/Advisor/Student Web Information System in a timeframe unheard of with traditional development tools and methods.  The predecessor to the Web Information System took months to develop and was limited to user account management.  The new system is fast, flexible… Read more “Independence Community College”

Long Distance Reseller Management System

“IntraWeb allowed us to develop the Long Distance Reseller Management System (LDReseller) and deploy it in record time. Prior to using IntraWeb, the LDReseller had been implemented in Active Server Pages over a period of 3 years by four developers.  Maintenance and adding new features was becoming very difficult.  We needed to rewrite the application. … Read more “Long Distance Reseller Management System”

Manly West State School – SmartER Community Access

The development of SmartER Net (Smart Education Resources Network) would not have been possible within such blazingly fast timeframes without the use of IntraWeb.  IntraWeb delivers robust and flexible leading edge technologies to the hands of the part time developer.  The support offered by the members of the IntraWeb team is unparalleled.” Stephen McGoldrick, Principal,… Read more “Manly West State School – SmartER Community Access”

Oilpro – Oilfield Used Equipment Catalog

Implementation of Knowledge Vector’s IntraWeb based system is allowing us to consider expansion much earlier than would have been possible with our previous arrangements. Olav Cramer, President, OilPro Oilfield Production Equipment The Company OilPro Oilfield Production Equipment is a trusted name in new and used production equipment. Products carried in inventory are; pumpjacks, treaters, separators,… Read more “Oilpro – Oilfield Used Equipment Catalog”

Osimatic Poland

IntraWeb was the solution in both cases for Osimatic. The learning curve was short. It allowed us to quickly make all needed information accessible through the web browser. Moreover, much of the application’s configuration and control functionality was exposed as well. Osimatic Poland was founded in 1990. In co-operation with Osimatic France we are developing… Read more “Osimatic Poland”

R&R Informatica – Damage Tracking

“We have an application to record damages on goods, from facilities to dealers, through vessels, warehouses, trucks, etc. In each check point all goods are inspected, and damages that occurred during the transport are recorded in a central data base. With IntraWeb all the information on those vehicles is available for all the involved companies… Read more “R&R Informatica – Damage Tracking”

Skogvall Computing – Document Information System

Skogvall Computing is a small software company, specializing in database design and Delphi to provide the user interface. We had worked for some time with a large manufacturing company. In order to do future business with that company, we would have to provide Web based solutions. Due to security regulations, only web-based Intranet solutions would… Read more “Skogvall Computing – Document Information System”

TASKey TEAM Online

In order for TASKey to take its flagship product TASKey TEAM to a hosted environment, an e-commerce web application was needed to manage the trial signups, credit card processing, and user management. Background The TASKey TEAM application utilises technologies such as Borland Delphi, Webbroker, XML, XSLT, SVG, COM+, and ADO to provide a robust and… Read more “TASKey TEAM Online”

Vulcansoft Ltd – trendoo

“We were looking for an elegant and efficient way to move our hair-simulation application from a local Windows application to be completely Web-based. IntraWeb was the logical choice since it allowed us to reuse existing Delphi code and create HTML pages with even more functionality then the original application had.” Christian Gotschim, Senior Developer, Vulcansoft… Read more “Vulcansoft Ltd – trendoo”