In some cases it may be necessary for users to provide us with demos to demonstrate problems either with IntraWeb or user code. In order that we may provide the best level of support to all users please follow these guidelines when sending us demos for such purposes:

  • Focus – Strip the code down or create a new project which demonstrates only the problem at hand. This makes it easy for us to see the issue and debug it.
  • Instructions – Include explicit step by step instructions how to reproduce the problem.
  • Compress – ZIP or RAR all requires source files. Do not include DCU, OBJ, or EXE files.
  • No Third Parties – Do not use any third party components other than IntraWeb.
  • All files – Include all necessary data or configuration files.
  • Standalone – Create the demo as a standalone version unless the problem is specifically related to ISAPI.
  • Databases – If the error is database related, modify it to demonstrate the error using the BDE and DBDemos.
  • Ready to go! – Configure the demo to run immediately without the need for configuration.
  • SSL – If the bug is related to SSL, please include the SSL certificated and SSL libraries you are using in the application binary directory so no SSL configuration is needed. Unless the bug is related to SSL, please disable the SSL functionality.