Evaluation Editions

Evaluation Edition Limitations

The Evaluation Edition is nearly fully functional and only contains restrictions affecting deployment. The Evaluation Edition is fully functional in all aspects of development and has no time limit. You can fully develop and test your application before purchasing IntraWeb.

  1. Unique Port Numbers – When using the stand alone server in the evaluation version of IntraWeb, the port numbers that your IntraWeb application listens will be unique upon each execution. Any port settings you may specify will be ignored. Testing is facilitated in evaluation mode by use of the execute menu item as it automatically adjusts its URL for the changing port.
  2. IP Restriction – In the evaluation version, IntraWeb applications only listen on the IP No requests from other IP addresses will be served.
  3. No Service Installation – Installing the stand alone server as a service is disabled. Stand alone servers must be run in non service UI mode.
  4. No SSL – SSL is disabled in the evaluation version.
  5. No Deployment License – You may not deploy any applications created with the evaluation version.


To download an evaluation edition, use the same download path as users with a license key.