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Question: New IW-15 feature Http.sys Deployment

we have some IntraWeb SA applications.
Is it possible with IW-15 to run multiple apps on one port?

Can I address them like:

1.) localhost:8888/app1
2.) localhost:8888/app2

Or how do I understand that?

Best regards
Yes. That is a major feature of http.sys deployment.
Yes, it is possible with Http.Sys.

You need to create one Http.sys application and set its URLBase to /app1/
Then you create another and set its URLBase to /app2/ both using the same port. They will both register correctly and Http.sys layer will forward requests to each application according to their URL.

I'm about to publish an Http.sys demo on our demo repository. Hold on a sec
Hallo Alexandre,

I searched for XV demos.
Will you post Http.sys demo on this demo repository?

Best regards
(07-04-2018, 09:44 AM)jorgo2018 Wrote: Hallo Alexandre,

I searched for XV demos.
Will you post Http.sys demo on this demo repository?

Best regards

IW 15 demo repository is here:

Http.sys doc is here:

Please make sure to update to latest IW 15.0.7 before using that demo.

Kind regards
I'm an application developer, not a security or library or tool guy, so I'm trying to get an understanding of the "edges" of HTTP.sys deployment.  So, I've got some "stupid developer questions" to help my understanding.  Most of the questions are in the form of "assumptions" that I need confirmed, shot down, or adjusted.  Others may or may not find the background useful but it does help me somewhat.

1.  I understand (assume!) that all configuration is provided to HTTP.sys through the API and that it does not have its own configuration.  That is, is it correct to assume that HTTP.sys configuration information is actually used by IIS to register HTTP.sys for its own sites rather than being accessed directly by the Http.sys layer (and that IW will provide all that config info for IW apps).

2.  I understand (assume) that Http.sys calls the IW app with separate worker threads per request just as in Indy.  Code that scans user sessions (like those that use GSessions.Locklist) functions the same?

3.  I'm wondering about the interface mechanism between Https.sys and the IW app.  I presume that when the site is registered via API, Http.sys knows where to call with the request thread based on the registration.  But, what is the shutdown recovery mechanism for an application crash (a crash in which no shutdown code can unregister the app)?  I assume it doesn't just launch the thread to an address in the abyss?  Clearly there must be something built into Http.sys or we'd be hearing about server crashes as people use the API, but I'm curious.

4.  Similar to 3, I assume<g> that Http.sys can accept a "re-registration" of an app that has shut down for any reason.  OK, clearly it can <g> but is there anything special about that mechanism that might affect app developers?

Thanks for playing along.


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