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  Java reference
Posted by: tobenschain - Today, 04:42 AM - Forum: IntraWeb General Discussion - Replies (3)

I am getting: cannot find submit component

for SubmitClickConfirm(''PriorImFil'','''', true, '''');

Where can I find a java reference?

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  HTTP DELETE request with body
Posted by: Maarten de Vries - 03-21-2019, 04:40 PM - Forum: Indy General Discussion - Replies (2)


I have tries to sent a  TIdHTTP.Delete request with  a stream body the same as like a TIdHTTP.Post. Unfortunately there is no overload function for Delete what accept this (Delphi 10.2).

On Internet I found "The latest update to the HTTP 1.1 specification (RFC 7231) explicitly permits an entity body in a DELETE request:"

Is there a workaround so I can send a DELETE request with a body?

Thank you for your answer

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  Firefox isn't showing on the SA Server
Posted by: TiredDev - 03-18-2019, 04:45 PM - Forum: IntraWeb General Discussion - Replies (6)

I have all the browsers installed and all but Firefox show on it. How can i get Firefox to show so i can test with it?


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  IMAP Attachment Filename
Posted by: Pascal - 03-16-2019, 02:50 PM - Forum: Indy General Discussion - Replies (2)


Is it possible the get the filename(s) of attchements without actually downloading them. I tried the 'RetrieveStructure' function but the filename(s) are empty in this case.


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  JavaScript Insertion Place
Posted by: ShaneStump - 03-15-2019, 02:13 AM - Forum: IntraWeb General Discussion - Replies (4)

Howdy All!

I have a region that is visible for the user to add some notes. If the user clicks outside the region, I want to close it. I have found the following code example:


I have tried adding a modified version of the function below to my form's Javascript property but it doesn't get called.

window.addEventListener('click', function(e){

if (document.getElementById('clickbox').contains(e.target)){
  alert("Clicked in Box");
  } else{
  alert("Clicked outside Box");

Any idea what I am doing WRONG?



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  Can't load package dclIndyCore120.bpl
Posted by: didier.cabale - 03-12-2019, 04:43 PM - Forum: Indy General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hi all,

on the installation on the dclIndyCore120.bpl, I get the following error message:

bds.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point @Idstack@TIdStackLocalAddressList@GetAddress$qqri could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\6.0\Bpl\dclIndyCore120.bpl.

Note1: I successfully compiled all the required run-time and design-time package, and in the right order
Note2: I checked that no other dclIndyCore120.bpl library was already installed on the PC:
cmd run "where dclIndyCore120.bpl" gives me the path where the bpl has been sent by Note1
Note3: this problem occurs with Delphi2009 +Windows10

Thanks for your help

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  Array memory bounds issue
Posted by: bob9999 - 03-11-2019, 10:21 PM - Forum: IntraWeb General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hi there.  I had an interesting situation in IntraWeb 15.0.17 in a 64bit Delphi 10.2.3 stand alone application.  I have the following array declarations in the user session unit.

    bTabOpenBottom : array [0..1] of boolean;
    bTabOpenTop : array [0..4] of boolean;

I had a bug in my program where I was attempting to read UserSession.bTabOpenBottom[2] from another form and the system merrily accepted the command and instead accessed the first element of the next array.  At least that is what the IW system looked like it did.  Took me a while to figure out why I was getting such odd results and when I changed the array declarations around and then my program behaviour would change.  Rather interesting when I figured out that the system allowed access to unknown memory outside of the array bounds.

The system should have actually have thrown an exception since bTabOpenBottom only has up to 1.  I just wanted to report this since I am used to applications crashing when this occurs or throwing some sort of exception.  This could lead to a IW crash on the server since who knows what memory is being accessed and windows may not like it.  Better to catch in testing with an exception or crash.


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  Unstable connection
Posted by: mhammady - 03-11-2019, 08:06 PM - Forum: IntraWeb General Discussion - Replies (2)

Some of our customers has unstable connection. This affect the AJAX callings and sometime caused unpleasant experience. Is there is a way i can check for such instability and lost AJAX callings and warn the user about it instead of blaming our system?

Thank you

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  Incorrect size and position of region in IW15
Posted by: v.lasquibar@telefonica.net - 03-11-2019, 06:32 PM - Forum: IntraWeb General Discussion - Replies (2)

I have Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, and until past week I've used IW 14.2.8 to create an app. I've bought and installed IW 15.0.28 and reinstalled TMS Intraweb controls. Then, my application started to do strange things.  I'm going to describe one.
My application has a welcome form and, when the user chooses an option in a menu, moves to Form 1. This form is fully divided into 6 regions. Region 3 have some data I want to hide or to show, region 4 has a button hide/show, and region 5 has a grid. Region 6 is a footer band. When the user press button in region 4, region 3 hides (visible := False), and region 4 and 5 moves up. Region 4 fills all the remaining space. When user press again the button, Region3 is shown and Region 5 size is recalculated to fill the remaining space. That's the expected behaviour.
When the user clicks in a row in the grid, application opens a new form (so-called Form2, Detail) in same explorer page. This form has read-only information, and the user can only press a button to close this form. Then, Form1 is shown with the same data as before opening Form2. The question is:

  • If Region3 is visible when user opens Form2, when Form2 closes Form1 is shown correctly
  • If Region4 is hidden when user opens Form2, when Form2 closes the layout is:
          - Regions 1, 2 and 6 in its place (OK)
          - Region 4 just after Region 2 (OK)
          - An empty blank band with size aprox. equal to Region 3 height (bad), between Region4 and Region5
          - Region 5 just after the band, as if Region 3 was visible (bad)
I found a way of solve, but not programmatically. If I press button in region 4 (show Region 3) and press it again (hide Region 3) the page layout is corrected, every region is in its place with its corresponding size.
I've tried to execute the code associated to the "hide/show" button when I return from Form2, but doesn't work.

Obviously, I've observed this behaviour since I've installed new versions of both softwares (Intraweb and TMS controls); with the previous versions, the form worked fine.
Am I doing something wrong or, on the other hand, is a bug of Intraweb? Could you please help me with this problem?

 Best regards,

                     Venancio Lasquibar

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  IWDBNavigator Repainting
Posted by: geremiah - 03-11-2019, 05:37 PM - Forum: IntraWeb General Discussion - No Replies

I'm using a IWDBnavigator on a form. Pushing the insert button is showed an IWRegion linked to a iwmodalwindow with some data fields on it. The user would decide to cancel the data entry pushing one of the modalwindow buttons, so, from the code i cancel the dataset insert, but, i'm not able to update the navigator buttons. Is there a way to force the navigator to be repainted ?
Thank you.

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