What’s new in IntraWeb 15

This is a summary list of all the new things introduced since IntraWeb version 15 release. This list does not contain everything, but the most important things introduced.

  1. New Http.sys application type. The performance of ISAPI (actually better) with the simplicity of SA/Indy.
  2. IW Bootstrap is now included with IntraWeb
  3. New zlib library. IW zlib is based on zlib Cloudflare code base and is more than 8x faster than Delphi XE7 zlib.
  4. New TIWTemplateParserHTML. Template parsing and processing is more than 300% faster than IW 14 version.
  5. Removed /$/ (Exec command) from URL in browser
  6. LockSessionTimeout property in ServerController.
  7. New feature CheckWindowId which allows applications to detect when a link to a valid IW application session is used in another browser tab
  8. TIWGrid and descendants now render <thead> and <tbody> making it fully compatible with DataTables
  9. ISAPI applications now allow redirection from HTTP to HTTPS
  10. ServerController Options Wizard. Save and restore ServerController properties both at runtime and design time
  11. Content Security Policy (CSP) support.
  12. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support
  13. Callback function infrastructure was completely refactored. Use anonymous functions as callbacks easily
  14. New advanced lock-free data structures used for session control
  15. New start-up/loading code is used when starting a new session. (IW 15 needs 2 round-trips less than IW 14)
  16. New property ServerController.BlockedDocExtensions
  17. Full AJAX (Async) render capability
  18. New security feature, IP access table
  19. New TIWVideo control
  20. New components IWjQGrid and IWjQDBGrid
  21. New tool “IntraWeb Certificate Manager” (even the competitors download IntraWeb and use this tool). Create/request/install SSL Certficates from Let’s Encrypt or Self-signed with ease.
  22. New TabOrder editor/logic implemented
  23. New IWRecaptcha component
  24. New IWSelect component based on JQuery Select2
  25. New IWjQAccordion and IWjQPageControl
  26. New unit/class IW.HTTP.IndyClient/TIWHTTPClient which simplifies communication tasks like sending HTTP requests to other services/applications (GET and POST, both in HTTP and HTTPS)
  27. New class TIWTelegram. Sends messages to any Telegram channel from IW applications easily
  28. New component IWIPGeolocationClient allows easily use of IP geolocation services to allow or block users
  29. New property “DelayKeyEvents” for TIWEdit, TIWDBEdit, TIWMemo, TIWDBMemo. Similar thing implemented to IWImage mouse events
  30. Content Handlers: allow registration of a “catch-all” content handler
  31. New Session’s TIWClipboard feature. Storign and passing around custom data in IW sessions made easy
  32. New class properties LocalJavaScriptFolder and LocalStyleFolder in TIWjQPageControl, TIWjQAccordion, TIWjQGrid , allow customization of file location
  33. New property Image in TIWLink and TIWURL, allows links to be rendered with associated imageNew control TIWLabelEx, an extended version of IWLabel with image
  34. New property ThemeColor
  35. DelayMouseMoveEvents added to TIWImage, TIWImageFile
  36. New feature allows IW applications to automatically block sessions created from within other pages (IW application running inside IFrame)
  37. New version of IWBackIntercept.js which handles the back button blocking feature
  38. New component: TIWChartJS: the IntraWeb implementation of the famous ChartJS component library
  39. New component: TIWCanvas: HTML 5 canvas implementation that allows you to draw anything on the browser page
  40. New component: TIWSignaturePad control: allows users to draw smooth signatures on the page surface using a pointing device
  41. IWjQAccordion, IWjQGrid, IWjQDBGrid, IWjQPageControl, IWChartJS and IWSignaturePad will download required content files (all required JS and CSS files) directly into the wwwroot folder
  42. New property LockedSessionNoContentResponse in ServerController.SessionOptions
  43. Two new built-in exception templates: Unsupported browser and 401
  44. jQuery updated to latest version 3.6.4
  45. Streaming (partial responses)
  46. Microsoft Azure, Google and Facebook OAuth 2.0 authentication APIs
  47. New template cache boosts application performance when using templates
  48. New controls: TIWImageLoader, TIWDownloadButton and TIWDownloadLink
  49.  New styles for TIWCheckBox
  50. TIWDiscord sends messages to any discord channel easily from IntraWeb applications
  51. Brand new Indy server branch capable of TLS 1.3 using OpenSSL 1.1.1
  52. IWServerMonitor collects real time information from IntraWeb applications and send it to different communication channels
  53. New TAnimatedButton
  54. New Template Variables feature, simplifies template development
  55. New memory manager MSHeapMM.pas included by default in all IntraWeb installations (one of the fastests MM available for Delphi)
  56. TIWTemplateProcessorHTML load templates from built-in, linked resources
  57. LibDeflate compression for IntraWeb, the fastest zlib-compatible compression available to all IntraWeb applications
  58. Lazarus/Free Pascal support both Win32 and Win64 (to be released next)