15.3.11 Version History

What’s new

  • IWServerMonitor fully implemented. There is a new property ServerMonitorOptions in ServerController. A blog post explaining the new feature will follow.
  • Significant performance improvement for all types of IntraWeb applications, especially Http.sys servers, but also ISAPI and Indy
  • New class TIWDiscord allows sending messages to any Discord channel easily, with a single line of code. Interface/usage is similar to TIWTelegram class.
  • TIWTemplateProcessorHTML.DisableCache property, disables the template cache completely for that specific template processor instance
  • TIWAppInfo now exposes 2 new methods:
    • class function GetMemoryInfo: TIWMemInfo;
    • class function GetHandleCount: Cardinal;

Bug fixes

  • Callback code in WebApplication.ShowPrompt, ShowConfirm and ShowMessageEx shouldn’t break if double quotes are used as string delimiters
  • IWTelegram could fail to send long messages using WinHttpClient.
  • Template cache should not bypass OnBeforeProcess event of TIWTemplateProcessorHTML
  • TIWApplication.SendFile() would fail when sending a file from the application cache
  • Nonces using modified Base64 encoding could make page fail to load when CSP is enabled
  • IWSelect wouldn’t set focus to the search input box when opening (Caused by jQuery 3.6)
  • Input controls created in async could possibly fail to update when parented in multiple frame sublevel
  • Corner case where there are component naming conflicts in the resulting HTML when multiple frames parented to different frames have the same name


  • Packet Version 9: Headers are written/read as TStrings (previously it was as string), ASPX based applications require update of binaries
  • IWTelegram will use a POST request by default to send messages
  • IWGrids: CurrentRowId made public
  • Fixed possible error while reading corrupted cache signature
  • TIWAppCache extended/modified. Named cache files will be saved into user cache dir, not global cache dir