15.3.2 Version History

What’s new

  • New TIWWinHttpClient class. TIWHttpClient renamed to TIWIndyHttpClient. 
  • New property HttpClientClass in ServerController. IWRecaptcha, IWTelegram, IWIPGeolocationClient and IWOAuth classes now using the default client class. TIWWinHttpClient is the default HttpClientClass. All units that use the TIWHTTPClientBase class are linking with WinHttpClient
  • ServerController.DisableTemplateCacheOnDebug disables Template cache if running in IDE
  • Visible property in IWReCaptcha

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix: Changing ExtraHeader property from Delphi IDE would cause an AV if std IDE TStrings editor is used (i.e. no 3rd party TStrings editor is installed)