15.2.66 Version History

What’s new

  • New component IWSummernote. A nice HTML editor, simple and powerful, capable of embedding objects like videos, images and tables (demo will follow)
  • Using Bootstrap styles in buttons and dialogs of both IW notify (ShowMessage, etc) and IWModalWindow. A new modern, flat style.
  • New property TIWImage.Base64Str allows you to use a Base64 string as the image content
  • New IWImage.LoadFromBase64String() public method, will load IWImage from a base64 string containing either a PNG, JPG or GIF image
    Several new utility functions in IWImageUtils to deal with Base64 images
  • New WebApplication.ExecuteJS() method. Can be used as a shortcut for WebApplication.CallbackResponse.AddJavaScriptToExecute() during Async calls (and can also be used instead of IWForm.AddToInitProc() during sync calls.
  • New version of IWCertificateManager handles changes in Let’s Encrypt API accordingly. Includes now a new debugging feature.


  • New way of handling exceptions when rendering IWForms: Any exception while rendering a component on the Form will be logged
    and the component will not appear on HTML page. The rest of the page will be rendered normally. This is a better approach than the historical behavior where the page is not rendered at all
    and the session terminates with the standard error page with a link to restart the session.
  • IWBootstrap 3 and 4: avoid rendering empty style and double semi-colons in style tags
  • IW JavaScript library allows hooking of a different page locking mechanism, through simple method registration (demo will follow).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed MaxValueMessage used when restricting values in IWEdit controls
  • Special HTML chars in control’s hints could cause rendering to fail
  • Methods PUT, HEAD, DELETE and OPTIONS can be allowed using ServerController.SecurityOptions.HttpMethods. Due to an issue with Delphi streaming these options were not correctly streamed to/from the form’s DFM file
  • Fixes resizing an aligned image in HTML
  • Fix IWUtils link error in C++ Builder