15.2.61 Version History

What’s New

  • Three great  new additions to IntraWeb component palette:
    • TIWChartJS: the IntraWeb implementation of the famous ChartJS component library. See what ChartJS looks like here. Easy to use and integrate with your IntraWeb application.
    • TIWCanvas: HTML 5 canvas implementation that allows you to draw anything on the browser page (works very similarly to the VCL Canvas object, with similar methods).
    • TIWSignaturePad control: The first direct descendant of our TIWCanvas, the IWSignaturePad control allows users to draw smooth signatures on the page surface using a pointing device (e.g. a mouse on a regular screen) or the finger (on mobile devices or touch screens). Great for business applications that require user signatures.
    • New demos for each one of them will be released shortly
  • Property PxSize in TIWFont becomes published and writable (i.e. it will be visible in the ObjectInspector). TIWFont already contains a property Size (which is the “point size” of the font). They are different, but related. PxSize is the size of the font in pixels. Setting one of them will calculate and set the other accordingly.


  • Several performance enhancements in internal classes used in the rendering engine
  • Modified compression settings in our build configuration which resulted in a setup program 22% smaller than the previous version

Bug fixes

  • FormID issues when changing form in Async using redirection (e.g. via GoToURL() method)