15.2.49 Version History

What’s New

  • TIWjQGrid and TIWjQDBGrid have been greatly enhanced/extended (new demo coming soon): 
    • New TjQGridColumn.LookupList property (TStrings) allow columns to have work as a lookup field
    • Columns with Date data type can be edited through jQuery UI standard DatePicker
    • New TIWjQGrid Option goShowFilterToolbar. When True, the default filter toolbar of jQGrid will be enabled
    • New TIWjQGrid.FilterOptions property. Allow customization of appearance and behavior of the filter toolbar.
    • New TIWjQGrid.DatePickerOptions property allow customization of appearance and behavior of DatePicker associated with Date columns
    • New TIWjQGrid and TIWjQDBGrid properties: HeaderWordWrap – allows grid header word wrap, AutoWordWrap – allows word wrap of grid content cells, VerticalAlign – control vertical alignment of grid content cells.
    • New methods ToggleToolbar (shows/hides the toolbar) and SetSelection(const ARowId: string) (sets the selected row, based on ARowId parameter)
    • Many more internal enhancements
  • Exposing Css property of TIWRegion and TIWTabControl (they can also be styled via Css property using an external style sheet)
  • TIWClipboard completely refactored and extended. New properties/methods allow that new data types can also be stored/retrieved. Example (new demo coming soon):
    • Storing a string: UseSession.Clipboard[‘MyData’].S := ‘some string here’; 
    • Reading a string: var myString := UseSession.Clipboard[‘MyData’].S;
    • Storing an integer:  UseSession.Clipboard[‘MyInteger’].I := 54;
    • Reading an Integer: var myInt := UseSession.Clipboard[‘MyInteger’].I;
    • Many more properties to store different types of data, type safe: L (Int64), U (UInt64), F (Double/Float), D (DateTime), B (Boolean), O (Object reference, not owned)
  • New class properties LocalJavaScriptFolder and LocalStyleFolder in TIWjQPageControl, TIWjQAccordion, TIWjQGrid , allow customization of file location 

Bug fixes

  • Fix built-in styles with jQGrid


  • Function TIWFileUploader.CheckMimeType() moved to IWMimeTypes.pas as method TIWMimeTypes.CheckFileMimeType()
  • In IW JavaScript libraries, changed call to HookFormsDefaultSubmit using MutationObserver (fixes some CGDevTools issues)
  • Introduced a workaround for a Delphi 11 bug which affects some zLib stream classes. This bug does not affect IntraWeb applications but we decided to include it in our zLib libraries anyway.