15.2.37 Version History

What’s New

  • Support to RAD Studio/Delphi/C++Builder 11 Alexandria (includes IWBootstrap 3 and 4 component sets)
  • IWCalendar now supports Async events via AsyncMode property
  • New property RedirectToPath in TContentBase (affects all content handler types). When True, the execution of the content handler may lead to a redirection so the URL in the browser’s address bar will be consistent with what’s expected by the content handler. Default is True.
  • New event OnRedirectToPath in TContentBase (available in all content handlers – TContentBase descendants):

TRedirectToPathEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; const aPathInfo: string; var aPath: string; var aRedirect: Boolean);

aPathInfo: The request URL path

aPath: Registered path of the Content Handler instance. This path can be changed and will be used to redirect if parameter aRedirect is also set to True

This event is triggered right before the content handler engine decides about the redirection – giving the opportunity to the user to change/control the behavior.

Bug fixes

  • Global unique Queue names in IWHttpSys Server to avoid naming collisions (may cause multiple instances of IWHttpSys applications to fail when starting up)
  • IWListBox/IWComboBox would fail to render proper spaces when using monospaced font
  • Fixes JavaScript error when using SendRequest() from a page rendered using templates
  • When updating a IWGrid in async using templates, the grid could be parented to the wrong node


  • Use HTTP status code 301 when redirecting when server receives an HTTP request and SSLOptions.NonSSLRequest = nsRedirect (301 is more search engine friendly)