15.2.34 Version History


  • Enhanced performance of core classe TIWListBase
  • Make sure template paths are correctly concatenated

Bug fixes

  • IWGrid/IWDBGrid Cell font changed during OnRenderCell event would not render correctly
  • MultiSelect comboboxes would keep selection of last item selected with ItemIndex property
  • Download a file would fail in Chrome/Webkit browsers when using SendFile() in Async mode, setting Attachment to False (i.e. the file would possibly be opened in a new tab). Please notice that the default setting for file cache when using SendFile in Async mode in previous versions was ctOneTime (meaning that the file would be immediately deleted from server’s disk after being requested). Due to the way Webkit browsers work (they actually request the same file more than once), this has been changed to ctSession, meaning that the file will be deleted when the session expires).
  • TContentRedirect would fail when redirecting to absolute URL address