15.2.33 Version History

What’s New

  • New property TContentForm.UseSessionActiveForm. When True, the content handler will use the Session’s ActiveForm, whatever class it is, instead of the Form class specified in the constructor. Default is False.
  • Content Handlers: allow registration of a “catch-all” content handler for any path and document (should be registered with an asterisk, e.g., THandlers.Add(”, ‘*’, TMyContentHandler.Create). Instead of returning 404 for any unknown path you can, for instance, redirect the request to a valid page/form/content handler/etc. (See TContentRedirect examples).
  • Support Opera Mobile browser based on Blink rendering engine


  • IntraWeb will destroy the UserSession *AFTER* all the application forms have been destroyed. Many users reference the UserSession from their Form/Frame’s OnDestroy event, which would potentially cause AVs during destruction (exceptions during destruction are handled by IW internally, but this should be avoided). You can still have the old behavior by setting UserSessionOldDestroyOrder to True in ServerController (in ServerController.OnConfig event).
  • Content Handlers: Treat /mypath/ and /mypath the same when searching for a match, i.e. content handlers registered for a specific path will work both with or without a slash in the end of the URL
  • Content Handlers: Document should have precedence over path when searching for a match
  • Some IWBootstrap JavaScript and CSS files are now being served by jsdelivr CDN (when CDN is used). Also, proprietary IWBS JavaScript and CSS files being served directly from Github Atozed repository (instead of old discontinued CDN service).
  • IWjQGrid JavaScript and CSS files also being served from jsdelivr CDN service when appropriate. Bootstrap theme files for IWjQGrids updated to version 3.4.1, now using the same repo as IWBootstrap (avoid version conflicts).

Bug fixes

  • Make sure that TField.SetText() is triggered when clearing the value of a TIWDBEdit control
  • Case of UnregisterCallBack method name fixed (affects only C++ Builder code)
  • When refreshing a form after a file upload (using std IWFileUploader control), the active form could possibly change depending on ServerController.PreventDoubleSubmission settings (rare)
  • In Firefox, aligning an IWMemo (e.g. alClient) inside a IWRegion would cause IWRegion’s scrollbars to become visible
  • Aligning an IWEdit (e.g. alClient) inside a IWRegion would cause IWRegion’s scrollbars to become visible
  • Some x64 bit lib files (.a extension) missing from C++Builder installation