15.2.32 Version History

What’s New

  • Some RTL/VCL global locks removed (through IWClassesFix unit). Parallel performance considerably enhanced especially under heavy load
  • New convenience property CountryCode in IWIPGeolocationClient (gives the ISO Country code after execution for all supported services)
  • IWTelegram able to send HTML formatted messages

Bug fixes

  • Attributes used in template could be wrongly parsed if they contain an hyphen (e.g. {%IWEdit1 class=”class1 class-2″ data-target=”#datepicker”%})
  • IWDBEdit won’t trigger TField.OnSetText event when updating the value of the underlying field


  • RegisterContentType changed to allow that, for instance, “application/json” and “application/json; charset=utf-8” are handled as identical content types
  • Better handling of error when ExecuteForm is called (ProcessParameters)

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